Stacey Heaney - Classic road racing

# 48

DOB: 14/8/92
Hometown: Rockbank, Victoria,Australia
Bike/s: as of 2011 RMZ 250, 1974 XL250 & XL350. 1974 TM125
Hobbies: motocross, road racing, down hill mountain biking riding.
Training: run every day; swim twice a week and weekly motos at the track.
Likes: people who use their manners and achieving something I thought was once impossible
Dislikes: feet, gravel rash and people who drive slowly in the fast lane.

2010 Achievements
4th in Western regionals
5th in Classic scramble series.
2011 Achievements so far….
Currently leading the women's class in westerns.
Multiple 3rds in the classic scramble 125 class.

I was born in Victoria Australia, living in the paddocks of Mt Cottrell.
At first I never really rode motocross and loved the bush and enduro racing. However shortly after the Melton club obtained the MX track near my house my love for the fast paced corners and death-defying jumps caught me hook line and sinker.

I didn’t start racing till I was about 9 as I was always too scared to race against the boys. Until an old committee member of the scramble club came up to me, put me on a bike and basically threw me out on the track. I have never looked back from there, competing in multiple Victorian titles and regionals beating the boys that I was once too scared to race against.

Currently I am studying at university doing a degree in paramedics.
So hopefully in the future I can be out there helping the injured riders with better level of understanding than most paramedics, of the thoughts and pains that a MX rider feels when eating dirt sandwiches.

My favorite memory of racing would have to be the time that my father and I got the chance to race together in the Australian titles in the same class. It was a battle to end all battles, passing each other in corners bikes screaming down the straights, fighting for that title of “I bet my Dad or I didn’t get beaten by my daughter.” It wasn’t till 5 meters from the finish line, neck at neck that I hit a false neutral letting my Dad get that win. Although I didn’t get that win I still feel it was one of the best moments of my racing. As to this day my father brags about it with a twinkle in his eye that I know he is proud of that moment.

My goals for the future are to race the Australian titles with a top 10 finish, and to obtain a job on the raceway paramedic’s team to apply my knowledge of motorbikes and paramedic skills to help injured riders….. Stacey