Chloe Bowers - Motocross

# 183

This young ambitious girl contacted us at Girl Rider and we couldn't refuse her for showing initiative to get a clothing sponsorship.We were absolutely wrapped when Chloe introduced herself and her family to us at the Sydney Motorcycle expo In Nov 2011.

We welcome Chloe to our team of riders and wish her the very best for the season.

A little about Chloe
Hometown: Nowra, NSW, Australia
Bikes: YZ 85cc small wheel 2009 and a KX65 2011
Hobbies: Motocross, netball, soccer, AFL, NRL, basketball, running, swimming,
BMX, road racing, surfing, long jump, high jump, shot put, discus and fishing.
Like: Achieving my goals and being number 1#
Dislikes: Having time off the bike.

2011 Achievements
4th 65cc 10-13 Appin
4th 85cc 9-12 Appin
2nd 65cc 10-13 Nowra
8th 85cc 9-12 Nowra

I was born in Nowra, my dad had ridden since he was little and he got a new bike because we were older. Next thing i knew, i wanted to ride too. We went out to the track every weekend with my family. Every month we went and watched people race. I wanted to race. So 2011, i started to race.

I am currently at Primary School. I am in year 6. When i go to High School i want to be in the Smart 4E Class.

My favourite memory of racing is when i was racing at nowra. I was out racing on my 85cc, beating the boys. I had finished and my dad was to busy chinwagging to another father, the kid of that father races and i beat him every round but he did not know that i was a girl. This round i was racing, i forgot to tuck in my hair for the first time and he's father saw it was a girl. The father was talking to my dad, saying that 183# that is a girl that always beats my son. Dad said that's is my daughter. It was funning because the father was shocked...

My favourite memory of practicing days was when I was at Appin just practicing and I crashed. Dad got cranky because he felt my arms and I had forgotten to put on my elbow guards. My elbows were bleeding but dad patched me up, I got back out onto the track and rode...

That's why I for now on I make sure to put my elbows guards on and then go out to the track. I have learnt my lesson.

My goals are to do AMA Motocross & Supercross, American Race Days, Women’s Nationals, State Titles, Amcross, Race Days in Australia & all over the world, Aussie Titles with a top 10 result and to have a good job when i am older.
Also to run a shop just like Girl Rider.

Thanks Chloe