Leanne March & Chrissie Clancy-Ingpen - road racing sidecar

#38 No Balls Racing

Leanne's details

Age: Exceptionally late 30's

Hometown: Gladstone Park, Victoria, Australia

Bike/s: As any lawyer will tell you, I own half the motorcycles in my husband's shed! But as he never admits to how many are actually in there, it's a bit of a mystery.
Love all British bikes, especially Norton's. Love the sound of Ducati's.

Hobbies: "Swinging" on a side car; Rock and Roll & swing dancing; singing (currently having lessons).

Training: I love keeping fit and my motto is: "If you want to get fit...train like the men!" So, that's why you'll find me down at Invictus gym every Monday and Wednesday, with the boxing gloves on letting rip with a few upper cuts and hooks. I love training in groups and am happy to get out of bed early for boot camp training as well - you have to move it or lose it!

Likes: Shoes, shopping, my husband doing the vacuuming, shoes, holiday's in Port Douglas, shoes, having a laugh with the girls, shoes....
(Jon Bon Jovi's not too hard on the eyes either)

Dislikes: Doof Doof music, two strokes, when I have to do the vacuuming.

Racing Achievements:
I guess being brave enough to swing on a sidecar is a bit of an achievement in itself. Having been around motorcycles and racing for years, I thought I'd have a go and went along to a Sidecar club passenger Intro day. It was great fun and not nearly as crazy as it looks. We then decided to build an historic racing sidecar and my husband and I have been racing that for about 18 months now. It's great fun and the Historic racing community is really like a big family.

This year, Chrissie Clancy asked me if I'd swing on the F2 with her. I thought about it for a Milli second and then jumped at the chance. It's been an awesome experience and we've really improved as the year's gone on. We've won a couple of handicap races and we're currently second on the Inter-club points table, with one round to go. It's really great being an all girl team and we have a lot of laughs together.

I'd like to encourage any women out there who want to have a go at motorcycle sport, to just get out and give it a shot.
It's great fun, a real adrenaline rush and definitely adds a bit of glamor to the pits!